Previously the energy consumption at Old Barn Tregonetha was huge. The old oil-fired Aga and oil-fired central heating system both proved extremely expensive so when renovating effective heating was a prime consideration. We didn’t want to continue using radiators that cluttered up the wall space so the obvious choice was underfloor heating and a ground source heat pump that was fitted under the front garden. Each room is now zoned on a thermostat which can be programmed remotely if required. The overall effect is gentle, radiant heat throughout the whole building. We changed the old oil-fired Aga for a new electric Aga in the landmark kitchen and installed a more energy efficient log burner in the vaulted living area.

Rather than run the domestic hot water off the heat pump, we had solar thermal panels installed. This means the pump is always working at maximum efficiency because it’s not having to cope with constant high demand. In winter an immersion heater switches on at night to ensure the water stays hot – even on a dull day.

Additional sustainable and cost-effective features here at Old Barn Tregonetha include rainwater harvesting to collect run-off from the roof for the washing machine and toilet plus Tesla and type 2 electric car charge points.

We try and remain as sustainable as possible by using laundry services that use wash processes that have the minimum environmental impact.  Find out more here >

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