Stay Fully Charged

Tesla and Type 2 Electric Car Charge Points available.
Looking for  luxury self-catering accommodation in Cornwall and need to charge your electric car ?
We have 2 chargers available to our guests 1 dedicated Tesla and a 2nd for all Type 2 Electric Vehicles.
All included – no extra charges.
You can always stay fully charged on your holiday at Old Barn Tregonetha and as we are ideally located between the A30 and A39 getting almost everywhere in Cornwall on a single charge is possible!
Tesla and Type 2 Electric Car Charge Points

Stay Green

We try and remain as sustainable as possible!
OCEAN BREEZE is a family run laundry business, operating from 5 Bess Park, Tenant Industrial Estate, WADEBRIDGE, Cornwall.
We recognise that as a laundry our utilities can be substantial. Ocean Breeze is committed to encouraging promoting and supporting ecological consciousness within the hospitality industry. We have invested in new technology designed by NASA, to reduce our water consumption by 33-50% reduce our energy consumption on washer and dryers by 80% and reduce our chemical usage by 80%.
We are committed to minimising the impact on our environment and we are working with like-minded suppliers and companies.
Our commitment to the sustainability of the environment involves, washing at low temperatures as it’s the single most thing we can do to lower our carbon emissions. Our use of our rain-harvesting system and bore hole water. Our cold water washing has helped reduce 58,000 tons of co2 emissions and has also helped to reduce the overall impact through less water and energy.
Our goal is to provide the best cleaning performance and care for the environment, using products that meet all EU environmental requirements and wastewater standards. We will always wash, where we can at low temperatures to save water and energy.
We are aware of the issues surrounding the impact of harsh chemicals on the environment and wherever possible formulates with raw materials that minimize these effects. It is our policy to comply with all EC environmental legislation. We use our own chemicals which have been solely for our use.
In house, we recycle all of our chemical plastic containers, we use them for plants, water butts and we sell them on to likeminded people and donate the money to charity. We email as much as we can rather than printing. Our Ink cartridges are recycled, all dry rubbish is recycled, plastic that we use to package linen is bio-degradable. We are trying to get our customers to come away from plastic packaging and have invested in waterproof re-usable linen bags rather than the cloth hampers.
All our employees have a responsibility in their areas to ensure that our aims and objectives of the policy are met.
Our transport routes are planned to control, monitor and reduce fuel consumption and emission levels of all vehicles. Ensure that vehicle weight remains within legal restrictions imitating damage to highways and the environment.
We installed solar panels to reduce our electricity and also on re-using some of our water and heat.
We up- cycle old machinery to use in the laundry: Such as an old potato elevator is now used to transport linen from one level to the next.
We use a re-fillable water system for our employees. We use specially printed labels on our bags so we do not need to send out a paper delivery note.
Ocean Breeze
Ocean Breeze